Fly the Honor and Remember Flag Campaign- standard 2 flag special. (get two- give one away)
National flag of remembrance recognizing our military fallen heroes and their families.
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Fly the Honor and Remember Flag Campaign- standard 2 flag special. (get two- give one away)

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Flag Size 3x5 (2 flags)
Get two - give one away

Buy two and give one away. Family, friends, neighbors, church, schools, golf courses, hotels, restaurants, monuments, you decide. Find a prominent pole and have it flown. We are on a national campaign to keep awareness and appreciation of sacrifice an ongoing tradition in our nation.

Through the Honor and Remember Flag Commission we can join together with a community expression of Patriotism.

Recognizing publicly our fallen military and their families, the Honor and Remember Flag is a specific expression of appreciation for the sacrifices given to preserve our freedom.

The Honor and Remember Flag is intended to be flown continuously, along with or under Old Glory, the flag of the United States of America. The Flag may also fly independently on a separate pole, respecting the protocol of other official flags.

The Honor and Remember Flag is to be flown below the Stars and Stripes whenever on the same pole and always to be in a subservient position. Never to diminish in meaning or stature the US Flag.

The Honor and Remember Flag’s design is distinctive, yet simple. Each detail on the flag symbolizes an important part of the overall meaning of the flags message.

     The Red Field represents the blood spilled by brave men and women in America’s military throughout our history, who willingly gave their lives so that we all would remain free.

    The Blue Star represents active service in military conflict. This symbol originated with World War I, but on this flag it signifies service through all generations from the American       Revolution to present day.

    The White Border beneath and surrounding the gold star recognizes the purity of sacrifice. There is no greater price an American can pay than to give his or her life in service to our country.

    The Gold Star signifies the ultimate sacrifice of a warrior in active service who will not return home. Gold reflects the value of the life that was given.

    The Folded Flag signifies the final tribute to an individual life that a family sacrificed and gave to the nation.

    The Flame is an eternal reminder of the spirit that has departed this life yet burns on in the memory of all who knew and loved the fallen hero.

    We will always Honor their selfless sacrifice and Remember them individually by name.

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